Sunday, 16 June 2013

Audio Review: The Axeman Cometh

The Axeman Cometh by Nev Fountain
Image © Big Finish

For those who enjoy a comedy murder mystery, but are not familiar with The Mervyn Stone Mysteries, then I suggest catching up on the trilogy of novels by Nev Fountain. 

Mervyn Stone, former script editor and writer of the cancelled 1980s, sexy sci-fi TV series - Vixens from the Void, becomes an unwitting sleuth in these stories. I became very fond of this downtrodden character and hope you do too.

The Axeman Cometh begins with a letter:
"Dear Mervyn. If you want to prevent a murder, then you must attend the recording at the Sounderama studios on Thursday. Signed: a friend."

It was always interesting to see how The Mervyn Stone Mysteries would translate to this Big Finish audio. At around an hour in length, this new story works extremely well. Mainly set in a fan inspired audio studio – comparisons or illusions to real-life characters, places and situations abound. Mervyn Stone (John Banks) and Vanity Mycroft (Nicola Bryant) come to life in this tale of resentment, recrimination and murder. As with the novels, it’s fun trying to figure out the culprit between the deadpan comedy and Nev Fountain has been very clever here by adding a twist upon a twist in the conclusion. 

John Banks and Nicola Bryant show an impressive range in playing out various characters and I must admit that the young Doctor Who fanboy in me had a cheeky grin listening to Nicola using mild bad language in a vivacious, spot-on Vanity Mycroft. The cast appear to have enjoyed this recording and it shows, it’s a fine addition to this series.

Available to purchase here:

The Axeman Cometh  

The Mervyn Stone Mysteries

The Mervyn Stone Mysteries by Nev Fountain
Image © Nev Fountain

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